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5 Tips to Make Your WordPress Site SEO Friendly

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for designing and maintaining a website. There are distinct benefits to using WordPress for your business website, one of which is the ease of making your web pages more SEO friendly. With

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How Google+ Can Help Boost Your Online Marketing

Google+ continues to prove itself as a viable social media network for businesses looking to expand their online presence. While it has yet to see the same numbers as its prime competitor, Facebook, many companies have experienced unique benefits to

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How to Integrate Social Efforts with On Site Engagement

Social media is one of the most powerful mediums available to small businesses today. This cost-effective approach puts a more personal side to brands and encourages customers to get involved in conversations. In turn, small businesses have a platform where

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3 Facebook Contests Your Fans Will Love You For

Businesses have realized the potential of social media. Consumers use this popular medium as a way to engage with their friends as well as their favorite brands. To help give back to the community that supports them, businesses often look

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