Ello – The New Social Craze

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Twitter and Facebook have long been the social media titans to which businesses direct most of their attention. However, the internet moves quickly and new trends can rise in a matter of weeks. Take, for example, Ello — the invite-only, ad-free social network that has the tech world transfixed just a few months after launching…READ MORE

DATE: Sep 30, 2014
AUTHOR: Ali Pourvasei

Simple Tips for More Engaging Social Media

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Social media is an important part of your business’s web presence. If you don’t already have a Facebook page and a Twitter profile, you’re way behind your competitors in terms of user engagement. Even the White House has a Tumblr. However, successfully using social media to build your business is about more than setting up the pages…READ MORE

DATE: Sep 15, 2014
AUTHOR: Ali Pourvasei

Five Things to Know About Local SEO

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If you run a location-specific business such as an auto shop, spa, retail store, or restaurant, it’s important that you take a moment to understand the value of local search engine optimization. While broad SEO seeks to push your website to the top of the list nationally, local SEO focuses solely on the customers who are closest…READ MORE

DATE: Sep 8, 2014
AUTHOR: Ali Pourvasei

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