Wordpress for small business
Your small business needs a website, but you worry that rolling out a website such as the one your major competitors have will cost you big money. Fortunately, there is a solution available to save your budget and give you the web presence you need to thrive.
Wordpress is a content platform that provides small business owners with free designs and features. It is professional looking and easy to use making it one of the most popular choices for companies operating on small margins.
Here are three of the top reasons more small businesses are turning to WordPress for their website design and content management platform.

  1. WordPress Makes SEO Natural for Small Business Websites
    When Matt Cutts, Google’s top search engine ranking guru says that WordPress is a natural for SEO, you can be confident that the platform has some serious power when it comes to getting you noticed. The backend design of WordPress websites makes it inherently easier for search engines to find the information they need in order to rank websites high up. For example, the robot.txt file used by search engines is automatically placed in the root folder, saving small business owners without a degree in website design a crucial step to getting found.
  2. You Don’t Have to be an Expert in HTML to Make Updates
    Content marketing is one of the strongest forms of online marketing available today and small business owners want this to be as simple as possible. By using WordPress for a business website, updating content and making regular additions is easy and does not require the knowledge of HTML to do well.
  3. There are a Number of Extensions Available to Enhance Your Web Presence
    There are a large number of add-on’s that small business owners can use to give their WordPress site an easy SEO boost or make the way they use the WordPress platform more robust. You can enhance your web presence by adding polls to your website, contact forms to generate more leads and hundreds of other tools without requiring the help of a website designer.

For small business owners operating on a shoestring budget, WordPress is the platform of choice. By using this platform, you can ensure you have basic SEO design in place and you will not need a programmer to make basic updates or additions to your site. For help getting started or more information about this platform, contact us today.

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