Ways to improve SEO
Is your website lurking in the back pages of the search results? As a small business, you have a need to get found online. For many companies, growth strategies start by focusing on how optimized their website is for search engines. In your small business, making sure your website is set up in a way that search engines can recognize and rank you as high quality and highly relevant to searchers is crucial to your success.
Fortunately, SEO does not have to be complex. Here are five simple things you can do to give your SEO a boost.

  1. Let Keywords Flow Naturally – Search engines use keywords to match your content up with what people are searching for. Go through your content and add keywords wherever it is natural to do so. By doing this, you avoid stuffing your page with keywords in a way that will have your content punished by websites and instead create valuable content that will get your website noticed.
  2. Sign Up for Google Authorship – Google has recently announced their new tool, Google Authorship. This tool allows content creators, such as the people who write your blog posts, to put a face behind the content and create a credible reputation with Google. To learn more about this, visit plus.google.com/authorship.
  3. Create Content that People Will Want to Share – Part of ranking high up in search engine results is earning links around the internet. To do this, you want your content to be shared naturally. Create content that people want to share and you will see your back links skyrocket.
  4. Find Your robot.txt File – Search engines look for a file called robot.txt in the root folder of your website. Sounds complex, but this little file is what helps search engines know what your site is about and why they should send their searchers in your direction. You also need an XML sitemap. Your web designer will be able to help with both of these crucial features.
  5. Use Descriptive Headlines and Sub-headers – You have 70 characters to tell the world why they need to look at your website. This is your opportunity to incorporate high performing keywords and exciting descriptive phrases to get more people to your site.

SEO does not have to be complex. Use these five quick SEO boosting tools in your business today. Contact us for more information on how we can strengthen your SEO strategy and help your small business grow.