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Did you know some of the most effective tactics in improving your SEO are also the easiest?

Here are a few tips you might have overlooked!

  1. Compress Images. Large images can slow down your web pages, which can create a less than optimal user experience. To prevent this issue, try decreasing your file size using either a plugin or script to speed up the load time of the page. In addition, don’t forget to add alt text and file name to your image — Google looks at both of these!
  2. Keyword Research. There’s been a hot debate over whether or not keyword research is worth it. And to put it bluntly, it most definitely is! You cannot write quality content without performing any sort of keyword research, whether you do it before or after you write. We recommend using tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Moz Explorer and more to look for keywords that are relevant, interesting, and effective for the topic you’ve chosen. As you’re researching keywords, be mindful of ‘keyword stuffing.’ While you do want to provide a good variety of keywords, being excessive with it might cause Google to flag your page.
  3. Delete Duplicate Content. Companies often create duplicate content in hopes of optimizing keywords, but search engines will see right through it. Your site will be rewarded for quality and uniqueness of content rather than quantity. The best content is that that speaks directly to your audience. If you do decide to cover a specific top multiple times, make sure you discuss it in a unique way.
  4. Create Video Content. In case you haven’t heard, video is the new content king! Creating video shows search engines that your content is varied and valuable. Using video on third party sites like YouTube and Vimeo is also a great way to drive traffic back to your site. It also helps boost your brand’s social presence and can improve conversion rates as well.
  5. Build Up Backlinks. Pages that are linked by third party sites are more likely to be reviewed by search engines as relevant and important. Nowadays it’s not enough just to get links – they should be earned from sites that are respected and have a high authority in their field.

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