Ali Pourvasei was Recently Interviewed About What He Thinks is the Best Project Management Software


VP of Client Relations, Ali Pourvasei of LAD Solutions, has recently been interviewed by Minuca Elena on on his thoughts on what he thinks is the best project management tool software for companies that are looking to improve workflow and communication among employees.

Mr. Pourvasei believes Asana is a great and easy to use project management tool that LAD Solutions has been using for years now amongst its employees. Asana offers many great features that make communication seamless and organized and help bring better synergy. LAD Solutions 3 main services are search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click campaign management (PPC), and Web Design & Development. Asana allows for our different team members to properly communicate and work together to ensure tasks get properly completed in a fast and efficient way. As a result, our clients receive the desired results and continue to trust in our services.

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DATE: Feb 5, 2020
AUTHOR: Ali Pourvasei
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