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In today’s digital landscape, driving traffic and sales to a website requires constant vigilance. Founded and led by three entrepreneurs with over 30 years of combined search engine optimization experience, LAD Solutions remains flexible and prepared to adjust our tactics according to the shifting trends in the industry. We approach every partnership as a new challenge — an opportunity to grow and learn. We survey the entire scope of a business, and from there, delive rcustom strategies that will create visibility for the long-term.

We recognize the buyer’s dilemma in identifying the ideal agency for their needs. The marketplace is crowded with firms claiming to be the best, but there is little way to know for certain whether they can deliver on their promises. In an effort to help instill confidence in prospective clients that our agency is genuinely run on the basis of transparency, trust, and reliability, we joined Clutch. Clutch provides verified reviews for companies featured on their platform. They regularly publish research on the top-performing firms in their directory. In a recent report recognizing top Los Angeles Developers and Agencies, LAD Solutions is thrilled to be highlighted among many reputable firms as a top SEO services firm and digital marketing agency!

LAD Solutions was evaluated based on our level of focus in the relevant segments, as well as our reputation in the industry and the quality of work. Central to our high achievement are our ratings and reviews. By speaking directly with our clients, Clutch has gathered feedback that not only reveals strong statistics and results, but also speaks highly to our ability from a project management and business perspective.

Of the clients who graciously agreed to share their experiences, below are some of their ratings and responses:

Ratings and Response
When we need something, we don’t have to explain things multiple times. They understand, and we’re on the same page.” – Operations Manager, Law Firm
“LAD Solutions’ willingness to listen to our needs and tailor the work done for us was impressive.” – Office Manager, Ken McKenna Attorney
Ratings and Response

There are further testimonials and case studies published to our Clutch profile. While we always make sure to maintain an open line of communication with our clients, having an additional platform to voice their opinion on their collaboration with us only reinforces our commitment to customer service and transparency.

Overall, we’re grateful to Clutch for their dedication to recognizing companies with value. Clutch has even published a comprehensive guide that walks a business step by step through the process of partnering with a provider to launch an SEO campaign. Equipped with this tool and a plethora of reviews, we are hopeful that LAD Solutions will be an easy choice.

We’re ready to convert your dreams into reality, one click at a time. As a top rated Los Angeles SEO company and Premier Google Partner, our online marketing specialists are ready to help increase your website rankings and traffic so that you can acquire more leads and sales. To learn more, please call 888.523.2926 or contact us for a No Obligation Consultation.

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