<![CDATA[online-marketing-strategy Online marketing is a constantly changing medium. With the introduction of mobile web devices there are many opportunities to provide a multi-faceted marketing strategy. Before you can create an online marketing strategy that contains all the essential elements you must first understand how consumers are shopping.
Cross Platform Marketing
How do consumers find out about products and how do you reach customers with products or services they are looking for? Here is a general breakdown of how consumers receive their media and what they do with it:

  • 90% of all media interaction is screen based
  • 38% of screen based media interactions are on Smartphones
  • 90% of consumers use multiple screens. They may find something on their Smartphone then move to the computer to further explore. This is typical with online shopping, planning a trip and managing finances. Sometimes the small screen just isn’t convenient enough.
  • Television is no longer the main source of marketing information. 77% of consumers watch TV via other devices. This makes watching an ad and clicking a link much more convenient.
  • Multiple devices are used to shop online with 81% of purchases being spontaneous.

Content Sources for Marketing
Deciding how to market your business on a variety of platforms may include:

  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Blog
  • Article Marketing

Each and every one of these tools can help your multimedia marketing campaign. Excellent content will be effective on PCs, tablets, laptops and mobile devices.
Does your online marketing strategy contain all the elements needed to reach your audience no matter what devices being used? Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Does social media play a part in spreading news of your brand? If you are stuck in the frame of mind that believes simple advertising is enough to be successful, you may find that you are behind the times. Internet marketing and social media as well as multi-device optimization is necessary to succeed in today’s electronic world.
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