Top PPC Management Agency in Los Angeles 2018
Yes, it’s true! LAD Solutions has exhibited consistently strong performance on the ratings and reviews platform, In 2017, we were thrilled to have received this award, and even more proud that we’ve retained our strong industry standing in Clutch’s updated research on the top performing SEO agencies in Los Angeles.
‘Converting dreams one click at a time’ – that has been our motto, and so it will remain. PPC, SEO, and other modern digital marketing tactics are vital to the bottom line of any business. The LAD solutions team, always up to date on the latest trends,knows the right course of action that will bring long-term success to our clients. As is well-known, Google’s algorithm is always changing, almost 500-600 times each year,and with the recent introduction of featured snippets, knowledge graphs, and the like…traditional strategies are no longer sufficient.

All this is to say that the dynamic nature of this industry demands a marketing partner that is vigilant, innovative, and trustworthy. Clutch is an important part of our mission to convince prospective buyers that we can be trusted to overcome their challenges and deliver custom solutions. Reviews form an essential piece of online reputation management. They also give our clients a voice, and the opportunity to provide feedback that we can use to grow and improve our practices.

We work with a number of law firms – a beast in and of itself when it comes to SEO. For one law firm, the LAD Solutions team was tasked with improving their online visibility and identifying the firm as a specialist in their particular field. Our approach involved content creation, writing one or two blogs a month, and monitoring their AdWords account. The client was highly satisfied with the outcomes of the collaboration.



“Their ownership really cares, which is not always easy to find. They seem to have a good grasp of everything that they do.”

 Operations Manager, Law Firm



This client makes an important observation. Even with the seemingly innumerable resources at the consumer’s finger tips, it’s definitely not easy identifying a provider that truly cares about your success. In fact, one survey conducted by Clutch found that nearly 1 in 5 (19%) had a negative experience with an SEO firm before finding the right one.
For this reason, we’re grateful to be listed as a leader on a credible ratings and reviews site, with a total of yes, 14 reviews! And we’re looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that to come in 2018.



“Thanks Clutch for the recognition. We strive to provide top digital marketing services for our clients and being validated by Clutch means we’re doing something right. It has also helped in the past and will in the future to build trust with prospective clients.”


– Ali Pourvasei, LAD Solutions


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