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Guide to Outperforming Your Competitors in 2012

By February 16, 2011April 1st, 2023No Comments
[2012 will be an important year for everyone who already has a business or anyone who is considering starting a new business. With the past few months being tough on businessmen due to the recession, 2012 opens up its doors with plenty of new opportunities that can be explored.
Unfortunately, everyone else who has an online business also realizes this opportunity and will take measures to get an edge over the others. However, with the right marketing plans and with effective implementation of these plans you can easily outperform your competitors in 2012. The points given below will help you get your edge right back:


Search Engine Optimization is the buzzword on the internet, and for good reason. By using effective SEO tactics you can ensure that you business is noticed and your target customers are attracted towards your website. With SEO you can get your site a decent ranking on the search engines, which in turn will increase the traffic on the site and will also increase the number of sales.
For making use of SEO effectively there are a few things which need to be followed. The first thing to do is to choose the right keywords and use them on your website. Having relevant good quality content on the site is very important. Having done that the next thing to do is to get some sites link to yours. Choose sites which are similar to yours and which are of good quality. Continue to add lots of good quality content on your website on a regular basis.
Publishing articles on article directories is also a good way of promoting your business and for any site it is essential that you enlist your site on various site directories.


PPC marketing is Pay Per Click marketing method and it has gained quite a lot of popularity these days. This method is useful for the consumer as well as the advertiser. You can use PPC marketing since you will only have to pay for the number of times your links are clicked by customers.
In order to employ PPC you will have to develop an effective marketing plan to be able to get consistent results. Select good quality keywords that are related to your website. Also, it is important to keep a tab on how these links are performing. Any marketing campaign which is not working well for a long time should be immediately discontinued.

Email marketing

Email marketing allows marketers to connect with their target customers instantly. It relates to sending promotional campaigns and offers to customers. It is the best way to create a bond with customers and to promote the business instantly. Even those who have just started with a new business can employ email marketing as a marketing method.

Landing page optimization

In an effort to try to outperform your competitors, it is essential that every little detail should be thought of. Designing the landing page of your website in the right manner will ensure that your customers would be able to find the information they are looking for without a problem.
Design your landing page keeping in mind the needs of your target customers. Keep in mind the different types of browsing habits of customers so that customers will be able to get to the information they want without having to look for it, this in turn will increase the level of satisfaction of visitors.
2012 will turn out to be a very profitable year for anyone who understands the importance of modern marketing methods and makes use of them properly.