search engine optimization strategies 2013
Ask any small business owner their top goals for online marketing and their response will likely include search engine optimization (SEO) . SEO strategies are some of the most talked about strategies because of their complexity and demand for constant revision. With search engines doing their best to keep the content they display to their searchers relevant and high in quality, strategies for how to rank high in search engine results constantly shift.
2012 was known in the search engine world as the year of algorithm updates. On a regular basis, Google, Bing and others came out with new updates that punished websites that tried to use tactics to get found online that were not proper in the eyes of search giants. Because of this, more and more small businesses have increased their resources to improve SEO strategies.
To help your small business stay protected against algorithm changes in 2013, here are three future SEO strategies companies like yours are using to get ahead:

    • Focus on the Website Visitor – Just as search engines revise their algorithms on a regular basis to ensure that their searchers are seeing the best websites for their searches, small businesses are putting the same focus on the end visitor. By creating content within your website that speaks directly to the end user, you can naturally weave in keywords and create a spot that people value visiting. This will be noticed and seen by search engines, which will allow your website to be rewarded with better search result rankings.
    • Focus on the Visual Appeal – It’s been shown that visitors often determine whether they are interested in what a business has to offer after only eight seconds on their website. Because of this, not only is the verbiage on a website crucial, but so is the visual appeal. Web designers will play a critical role in designing pages that will instantly build credibility, capture interest and harness more leads, just through the aesthetics on the pages.
    • Focus on Who is Writing the Content – Google recently started to put an emphasis on their Authorship program. This program tracks the person who has created the content, which helps Google rank websites as credible because of the person who authored the content. Small businesses can use this to build up their content creators and strengthen their SEO.

SEO strategy is complex, and with its constant changes, small business owners are overwhelmed trying to figure out how to stay on top. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your website rank better.

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