Google search still rules the roster when it comes to individuals finding new content on the web. However, Bing has been steadily increasing its market share over the last few years, and businesses with a Google-only approach to SEO marketing will face tough times as the search engine’s competition grows and evolves. If your site isn’t performing well on both Bing and Google, your search strategy is in need of a serious overhaul.
It is predicted that by the end of 2016, Bing will hold over 40% of the market share when it comes to web searches. One reason Bing has seen such success is that it is constantly growing and changing. Here’s the most recent innovation: Bing image search now fully supports Pinterest boards in its results. When a consumer searches for an image on Bing, they’ll see a collection of Pinterest entries related to the search. Businesses with a strong Pinterest presence stand to gain a lot from this new exposure; imagine having your product show up in a prominent, visual position on the first page of a major search engine.

Maximizing Return

The best way to use this change to boost your online marketing efforts is taking advantage of Bing’s keyword data. While Google recently changed the guidelines so markers can no longer see keyword information, Bing still provides this data and its importance should not be overlooked. What business can do now, with Pinterest integration, is build engaging and unique Pinterest boards around popular keywords.
For instance, if you see that a large majority of your Bing visitors come from searching “lava lamps,” you can create an entire “lava lamp” pinboard on Pinterest that will in turn drive more customers to your site. When people search “lava lamp” in Bing’s image search, your Pinterest board will be right there, waiting for them to click.
Identifying your strongest keywords and acquiring a Pinterest presence that keeps customers engaged and encourages them to seek your services is no easy task. An SEO marketing expert can help you spot areas of growth and assist you in designing a new plan that takes advantage of Bings new image search and other recent shifts in the SEO landscape. For more information please visit www.ladsolutions.com or contact us at 888.523.2926 with any questions.