SEO Tips for Small Business

Just in the past couple of months, you must have heard the term Search Engine Optimization or SEO been thrown around in the digital marketing world. All businesses with an online presence seeking to raise their ranking on Google or other search engines work hard to use keywords to break through algorithms and increase the visibility of their brand when people make relevant searches.
This digital marketing strategy remains a common practice among companies of various industries and sizes, including multinational conglomerates and small businesses.
With the year 2018 already halfway through, such small businesses are realizing the importance of SEO and are using it to optimize their search rankings. But with Google changing their algorithms multiple times every year, it can be hard to figure out how to do that.
Mentioned below is a compiled list of result-driven SEO tips for small businesses.

  1. Set up a Google My Business Account: Having an account on this platform will allow your business’s name to appear in search results when queries specific to and near your business are made on Google.Your business page would allow your local presence to increase and attract more customers to your website. This is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on that and get more attention diverted to your business.
  2. Develop a Mobile Responsive Website: It is crucial that you develop a user and mobile-friendly website as soon as possible. Make sure that you add features that don’t slow down the load time of the website.
  3. Extensive Keyword Research: Keywords are an important tool that you can utilize for search engine optimization. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to find out keywords relevant to your business and ones that other competitors might not have used. By identifying these gaps in the market, you can easily capitalize on them and get better online visibility.
  4. Target Long-Tailed Keywords: With the results of your keyword research in your hands, you can easily combine multiple and create long-tailed ones that you can use in the title. Along with the title, you can sprinkle these keywords on your page and add them to ALT tags. But keep in mind to not stuff the keywords and use them strategically.
  5. Get Citations: Citations are simply the mention of your business’s name on another website or social media platform. Local citations are seen to especially improve SEO for small businesses that are non-competitive online.
  6. Content Marketing: Google integrates various algorithms in its search engine that responds to relevant local content with the right keywords. You can create blogs or other content that would come up in Google searches in the local region.
  7. Secure Your Website: Google has stressed the importance of this and has made it clear that it will inform potential customers if a site is not secure. Simply buy a SSL certificate and install it onto your website to make it fully secure.
  8. Consider using Google Adwords: Google Adwords allows for instant traffic and can help guide your SEO strategy by seeing which keywords converts and which don’t.
  9. Create a Blog: A news or blog is the easiest way to increase your business’s rank on Google Search. You can integrate backlinks and keywords that hit search queries and show your website higher in results. Producing regular, quality fresh content on your blog will go a long way to increase your overall web traffic.

These tips are only a few that will get you on the right path. With a little more effort, professional consultation and attention to detail, you can easily use SEO techniques to improve your small business’s search rankings.
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