In a world where competition is tougher than it’s ever been, small businesses must adapt to new tech trends more rapidly and more effectively than their established corporate counterparts. When a potential customer can instantly compare prices, find other service providers, and view reviews from his smartphone, it’s up to the small business owner to ensure his online marketing is set for success.
One of the most important steps in this process is establishing a strong and effective social media presence across multiple platforms.

  • The Big Seven
    Social media is a complex yet straight forward process. There are dozens of platforms, apps, and services, all promising one benefit or another to business owners and customers. As far as SEO marketing is concerned, it’s best for a business to focus on these important platforms before worrying about others. These include Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Yelp, Pinterest & Tumblr. These are the most visited, most used, and most trusted sources of information on local businesses.
  • Building a Plan
    It’s not enough to simply create accounts across all social media platforms and hope for the best. Business owners need a plan of attack, and that plan has to be flexible enough to fit in to the various formats and idiosyncrasies of each platform. Yelp, for example, doesn’t allow business owner to post promotions and updates, while Facebook and Twitter do. Working with a team of online marketing experts will help soften the learning curve and get you in the right direction. Social media doesn’t work unless a business owner is prepared to embrace its full potential and make it part of their business.
  • Staying Engaged
    Social media is a two-way street. Any SEO expert can attest to the value of a strong social media presence. Once a social media presence has been established, it is critical for business owners to stay engaged with their clients and keep the conversation moving.

Social media is a challenging new element of business that has the potential of helping online businesses increase their presence on the web. Successful management of a social media campaign is enhanced by an experienced online marketing team that has proven strategies with a clear vision and dedication. LAD Solutions has and will continue to produce the best search engine optimization possible to all of our clients. For more information about our services or to request a complimentary analysis please visit