Businesses have realized the potential of social media. Consumers use this popular medium as a way to engage with their friends as well as their favorite brands.

To help give back to the community that supports them, businesses often look for fun ways to get their fans engaged with something entertaining. This is usually done through some sort of contest. Facebook fans love contests, but only when done right. While they do not want to be bombarded with posts that fill up their newsfeed, users of this popular social network appreciate when a company does something different that in the process gives them the opportunity to win something exciting.

Here are some Facebook contests that your company can run to make your fans fall in love with your brand all over again.

    • Picture contests – Bandit Wines is the breakaway wine provider that gives people an easy way to take their favorite adult beverage with them where glass is not permitted. They promote outdoors activities including camping and tailgate parties and to get their customers involved, they offer a photo contest on Facebook. Any company can do this by offering a prize for the best photo of their product in use. In the case of Bandit Wines, whichever photo gets the most votes wins a tailgate party prize package. This easy giveaway gets people involved and shows your consumers having fun with your product.
    • Giveaways – Who doesn’t love a freebie? Contests that allow people to win just by sharing their entry on their wall are popular because they are easy and quick to enter. One company that does this well is Country Outfitter. Each week, the firm posts a picture of one or multiple favorite pairs of boots. These pictures entice their boot-loving customers with the latest styles but also gives them a chance to win the boots.
    • Humor contests – Typically humor is something that should be approached very carefully as it has the possibility to offend. But on Facebook, the rules can be stretched due to the social nature of this medium. Craigslist in Sweden ran a contest for the funniest classified ad. This contest was humorous not only for the people entering the contest but also for other fans who got a laugh out of the entries. With entertaining contests, your fans can have fun with your company.

Facebook is one of the easiest and most effective forums for hosting a contest and engaging your fans. What contest has your business tried on Facebook? Did it make your fans fall in love with your company?

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