PPC marketing (short for pay-per-click) is one of the most effective methods of driving new customers to your business. Google’s AdWords service delivers targeted advertisements to thousands of websites and millions of viewers; a carefully crafted PPC campaign can make an incredible difference to your business. This is especially true while you’re waiting for your site rank to improve organically. It can sometimes take days or weeks to move your site out of the search engine doldrums and a PPC campaign can help you get discovered during this transitional phase.
PPC isn’t just about the short blurb on the page. Google offers an additional function known as AdWords callout extensions. Essentially, these provide you with an opportunity to expand upon the initial content in your ad. You can use this space to offer more detailed information about your business or current offers. Think of it as an online store window through which potential shoppers can look to learn more about what you do.
There are many benefits to using callouts. Callouts are flexible and easy to update, deepen your customers’ understanding of your business, offer you a point of comparison for your other advertisements, and retain their performance information after an update. Callouts give you more bang for your PPC buck and ensure potential customers always know exactly what your business is offering. In the fast-paced world of online search, more information is always better.
If you want callouts to appear in your next PPC marketing campaign, you’ll need at least two callouts per account, ad group, or campaign. Google best practices indicate that it’s best to make as many callouts as possible. The best thing about callouts? There’s no additional charge for adding them to your campaign.
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