type-tweets You have a great Twitter following and you post regularly, but your tweets aren’t getting the number of retweets you had hoped for, so what are you missing? Not all posts are created equal, and knowing which types of content get the most attention can help you increase engagement with your audience.
Lists and How-To Articles
People love reading lists or looking at slideshows. These posts offer a wide range of information and are an easy read. How-to articles and lifehacks are also among the most frequently reshared content on Twitter. These articles provide people with easy ways to approach common problems, which is why people like them so much. If you can create your own, that’s great. Otherwise, look for stellar articles written by other people to share.
Ditch the Videos
Videos don’t get that much attention on Twitter. People turn to Vine, YouTube, and Facebook for much of their video content, and they don’t usually click on Twitter videos. This doesn’t mean you can’t share your brand’s commercials or promotional videos; just don’t make them the main focus of your Twitter content.
Inspire Your Followers
Twitter users seem to love inspirational quotes. Whether you use them in text form or with photos, the best quotes get shared often. Look for quotes that are relevant to your brand and your company’s vision to help promote your business in the best possible light.
Add Links
Don’t just tweet to your followers; give everyone something to click on. If you post a quote, add a link to a blog post or page from your website that is relevant. When you find an interesting article that you want to share, give a brief description along with a link. Remember to always incorporate text with a link. Twitter users will not click on a link that has no description.
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