Google’s search engine algorithms are a closely guarded secret. Nobody knows exactly how they work or what they do, and that’s not an accident. Because Google is worried about potential abuse of its search system, it doesn’t make its exact mechanisms available to the public. However, SEO experts have been able to work out a set of optimization best practices that work for sites looking to improve their rank. Following these guidelines, an SEO pro can help boost your site to higher visibility.
These best practices must shift with Google’s priorities. Since Penguin 3.0 is the latest round of updates from Google, it’s important that SEO strategies change to match.
Penguin 3.0 is the first update in a while from Google. And while it doesn’t make too many massive changes, it contains enough small modifications to trip up existing search priority protocols. The new algorithms are designed to further punish low-quality backlinks (such as those generated by cheap backlink creation service) and to highlight sites offering high-quality content to visitors. The only way to fix a Penguin 3.0 penalty is to fix your backlinks; an SEO expert can help you with figuring out which are bad, which are good, and how to remove or update the offending links.
It’s a bit more complicated than polishing up bad links. Removing links, though good for the long run, may still result in a reduction in traffic even after Google removes any lingering penalties. Thus, the main way of succeeding with Penguin is cleaning up your bad links while simultaneously revamping your content and building new, healthy links. When all of these things are done in unison, your site will see better search performance and will be far less likely to garner a Google infraction.
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