VP of Client Relations, Ali Pourvasei of LAD Solutions, has recently been interviewed by Minuca Elena on UndrcutDigital.com on his thoughts on what he thinks is the most important thing he would look out for in a backlink?

Quality backlinks to a website are one of the most important ranking signals for organic first page placement on Google.

Mr. Pourvasei believes the below 3 factors are critical in determining if a backlink to your website is valuable or can cause the site harm.

  • Domain Authority: The higher the DA or monthly organic traffic the website has, the more powerful that backlink will be for my website.
  • Relevancy: Is if the website and the content listed on the page of that website linking back is relevant to my business.
  • Anchor Text: The anchor text linking to my website that needs to be highly relevant to my business and written for the user and not keyword-stuffed inside the article.

If the above 3 criteria are met, then he believes that the backlink is high quality and will be beneficial for the website receiving it.

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