Benefits of Hiring a Premier Google Partner

Becoming a Premier Google Partner is not easy. Your agency’s PPC experts will be required to take and pass a series of tests with qualifying scores required by Google to ensure your agency is up-to-date with the latest best practices and trends. In addition, your firm must meet certain other requirements to gain ‘Premier’ status. Once your agency has met all the requirements for becoming a Certified Premier Google Partner, it must maintain the requirements and its digital marketing professionals must take new tests annually in order to maintain the Premier Google Partner status.
There are several benefits of working with a Google Partner Agency. One of the most significant benefits is that it offers you the opportunity to work with an agency that is experienced with managing pay per click campaigns and has the resources to take your online marketing campaigns to the next level. Here are some of the additional benefits of working with a Google Partner Agency.

Working with Certified Account Managers

A Google Certified Partner Agency has experienced digital marketing experts who are able to take on your PPC marketing campaigns and deliver the results you want. These PPC specialists all have Google Adwords certifications and so meet the Google standards needed to effectively manage an Adwords account. Google allows any business owner to simply set up an Adwords account. Although it may seem easy to set up a campaign, it is actually quite difficult to manage a campaign that converts or produces positive results. Managing a campaign that converts is actually complex and competitive, and often requires the knowledge and experience of a certified professional who’s trained to set up campaigns using best practices that lead to a positive ROI.

Quality Treatment – Priority Help

Premier Google Partner agencies have dedicated representatives who can urgently resolve issues that could cost potentially millions of dollars. They can effectively take care of important matters, whether it’s click fraud, malware or anything else that needs to be resolved ASAP. They have direct access to a Google rep so that you don’t be placed in line and have to wait for your matter to find a resolution.

Saves Time and Money

You can save significant amounts of money by working with a Google Partner Agency. Working with a Premier Google Partner guarantees a decrease in careless errors, an increase in attention to details, and quality pay per click campaign management that includes Ad testing, proper keyword targeting, updated negative keyword list and more. Adwords Partners are required to be up-to-date with Google best practices and are monitored to make sure that they are implementing these best practices for your campaigns. They are held to a very high standard by Google, and, in turn, you benefit by having a well-managed PPC campaign that should have a positive return on investment.

Easy Access to Google Betas

One of the benefits of being a Premier Google Partner is that it allows you to stay in constant communication with Google, which means that you will be the first to test new tools and products. Google Adwords Partners have access to Google’s beta features and therefore can ask that your account have access to them as well. This will get you a leg up on your competition because if they are not working with a Google Partner Agency, you can be assured they do not have access to Beta features. Many Betas provide insiders with access to features and tools that can significantly boost conversions, improve your overall campaign performance, and give you an advantage in strategy and implementation over your competition.

Networking Opportunities

Google Partner Agency’s team members often strive to provide quality services to their clients. In some cases, that may involve research to understand how other agencies have found success. Premier Google Partners can access the entire Google community and network with online marketing experts. They also are invited to Google sponsored events where they can meet other agencies and share best practices. A good Google Partner Agency will go the extra mile to deliver success to you.
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