SEO Tips to Help Your Site Rank Better on Google

Having a website is 50% of the battle. The remaining 50% is getting the website found on the internet. One of the best drivers of business growth is organic search results, mainly having your website be on the first page of Google when someone is searching for your service or product. However, a significant challenge that many website owners face is the ever-changing nature of search engine optimization that can result in penalties if you do the wrong things trying to boost your website’s SEO ranking.
Search engines, specifically Google, use various strategies to determine the pages that appear on the first page of search engine results. Although the exact formula they use to rank websites remains a secret, there are several strategies you can use to improve your website’s search engine results and help it rank better on Google.

High Quality, Relevant Content on Your Landing Pages

The amount of time users spend on your website is known as dwell time. This factor can significantly affect the site’s SEO ranking. When you post useful, high quality content on your landing pages, users tend to stay longer on the site to go through the information, which increases the dwell time. The more detailed the content on your website will be, the more likely users are to spend significant time on the site. The information you post on your website should provide value to users. This may involve incorporating helpful keywords and outbound links to your content. High quality content is one of the best ways to help your site rank better on Google.

Mobile Optimization

It is a fact that more people access the Internet through their mobile devices than on desktops and the number is growing daily. Search engines have noticed this trend and are improving rankings for websites that have been optimized for mobile devices. Mobile optimization affects user experience and conversions. Responsive websites that load fast definitely get an edge of ranking better on Google.

Page Load Speed

Unlike website owners, customers expect websites to load immediately. If your website takes too long to load, you risk the chance of losing a customer to a competitor whose website loads faster. Google picks up on this user experience since sites with longer load times tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time spent on site. Therefore, Google rewards sites with faster load speeds and ranks them higher in the search results.

Securing your Website – HTTPS/SSL Sites

The more secure a website is, the more likely it is likely to rank higher on SERPs. One of the best ways to improve website security is by using SSL or secure socket layer. Website security can significantly boost your business reputation, which can improve conversions.

Although website security can significantly improve a site’s ranking on search engines, users do not generally pay much attention to website security despite their concerns about the issue. They do not pay much attention to the jargon and technical details associated with SSL. However, users generally trust sites that have proper security badges. This means that Internet users will generally be more comfortable leaving their personal details on sites that display proper security badges. Many website owners place the badges on the footer section or product pages of their sites. Users are likely to browse sites with improved security, which may lead to higher conversion rates and better ranking on SERPs.

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