SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization (SEO) is ever-evolving, and a thirst for knowledge is the key to keeping up in this industry. There are new articles written every day about SEO tips and best practices, and we want to provide you with the best resources possible. While this is only a small portion of SEO resource hubs, here are a few of our favorites you can bookmark.

  1. Search Engine Land. This news site and its sister publications (MarTech Today and Marketing Land) cover all aspects of digital marketing, advertising technology and the martech landscape. Search Engine Land features contributed articles by experts across all aspects of digital marketing that are filled with practical tips, tactics and strategies for running successful marketing programs. You’ll find everything from breaking stories, industry trends, feature announcements, product changes and more.
  2. Neil Patel. If you haven’t heard of Neil Patel, you might be living under a rock! Neil is a top influencer on the web when it comes to SEO and marketing. Forbes even named him as one of the top 10 marketers! If you’re looking for articles that discuss driving traffic, leads and sales with SEO, Neil’s blog is your one-stop shop.
  3. Search Engine Roundtable. Search Engine Roundtable reports on the most interesting threads taking place in the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) forums. The authors provide a synopsis with greater detail into those threads, and often expand on those thread to give more context.
  4. Moz. Moz is a software as a service company based in Seattle that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions. One of the longest standing companies to focus on SEO, their blog features the industry’s top wizards, doctors, and other experts that share their best advice, research, how-tos, and insights for SEO.
  5. Search Engine Journal. This journal is an educational site that empowers the SEO community by providing the freshest news and latest best practices with help from the industry’s smartest practitioners. They have a community-based approach to search marketing content, and virtually all of their contributed articles come from real online marketing experts, both independent and in-house.
  6. Hubspot. This marketing platform unites software, education, and the community to help businesses grow every day. Their blog features nearly every topic you can think of in SEO, in a simplified and actionable way.
  7. SEMrush. This brand is one of the world’s leading competitive research services for online marketing. They have a variety of webinars, blogs, e-books and more, and even have a tool-kit exam so you can get SEO certified.
  8. Search Engine Watch. This site provides tips and information for searching the web, as well as an analysis of the search engine industry in hopes of helping site owners improve their ability to be found in search engines.
  9. Content Marketing Institute. This is a great resource if you’re looking for all types of SEO content, including podcasts, webinars, blog articles and more. All of their resources provide practical, how-to guidance, and you’ll also find an active community for discussing the latest news, information, and advances that are moving the industry forward.

What resources have you found helpful for learning SEO?

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