If you run a location-specific business such as an auto shop, spa, retail store, or restaurant, it’s important that you take a moment to understand the value of local search engine optimization. While broad SEO seeks to push your website to the top of the list nationally, local SEO focuses solely on the customers who are closest to you and most likely to visit your store. Think about it this way: If you own a sushi restaurant in Chicago, would you rather have 100 hits from your neighborhood or 1,000 hits from national searchers?
Here are five things you should know about local SEO:
Local Searches are Almost Half of All Mobile Searches
You’re reading that right. Users conduct about 30 billion mobile searches each year, and roughly 12 billion of them are local. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer — you’re visiting a new neighborhood, you pull out your phone, and you search for “breakfast” or “women’s clothing.” The businesses that show up on the first page are the businesses that get your attention.
Social Engagement Matters
Businesses with Google+ entries and Yelp pages will always do better than those without. Users like to read about other customers’ experiences, and seeing a high level of engagement from the business always makes people feel more comfortable. Additionally, local SEO experts agree that review pages and business listings help your overall local platform.
Local Searchers Buy Things
Research has shown that 50% of local searchers visit a store or business that day. One in three searches on a smartphone occurs just before a visitor stops by a store / business. These are customers actively looking to make a purchase. They know what they want, they’ve made a decision, and now they’re looking for a place to complete the transaction. If your store shows up first, your store gets the business.
Local Search Improves Brick and Mortar Sales
Fighting with online competitors is one of the toughest parts of running a business. Local search can make it a little easier. Around 30% of customers have indicated they would rather visit a store than order online if they know there’s a store nearby with the item they want. Getting a product quickly is often more motivating than a slightly lower price.
Your Competitors are Already Doing It
Speaking with a local SEO expert can help you find ways to capture new business and take advantage of the millions of local searches happening every day. But if you choose to ignore this trend, rest assured that your competitors aren’t. Search Google for a service you provide and you’ll no doubt see several competing local businesses who have already started working on their local optimization.
All in all, local SEO cannot be discounted when it comes to running a business and for more information on how you can get first page placement please visit www.LADSolutions.com or contact us at 888.523.2926.

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