Social media is an important part of your business’s web presence. If you don’t already have a Facebook page and a Twitter profile, you’re way behind your competitors in terms of user engagement. Even the White House has a Tumblr. However, successfully using social media to build your business is about more than setting up the pages and firing off a tweet whenever you’re running a sale. Social media is about engagement, and there are simple strategies you can employ to make your campaigns more successful.
Choose Wisely
Some businesses are well represented by a Facebook page. Others are naturally suited for Instagram. Check out the main social media offerings (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr) and try to work out which ones are best for connecting with your audience. Tumblr is huge with teenagers but might not be the best social media platform for a store that sells golf equipment.
Give It Personality
No one wants to follow a Twitter account that only tweets promotional links and sales. The most followed business social media accounts are the ones that have personality. They’re either funny, informative, or some combination of the two. Find a voice that matches your products and your customers and make your updates interesting rather than sales-driven. Search engine optimization is about more than repeating keywords or posting links.
Be Responsive
The best part of social media is that it enables a conversation between you and your customers. If people are commenting on your page, liking your photos, or responding to your tweets, make an effort to respond back. Don’t just pay attention to the negative feedback; let the positive customers know you’re happy to have them. Customers love it when a business responds to their feedback.
Running a social media campaign can sometimes feel like a full-time job, which is why many businesses have a full-time social media staff. Social media is just one tool in a broader search engine optimization strategy that helps keep customers engaged with your brand and aware of your products. For more information on how to fully optimize your business within the world of social media effectively, contact the experts at LAD Solutions for a thorough analysis via or 888.523.2926.

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