Search engine optimization is one of the most important elements of web design if you rely on your website to generate revenue. Ecommerce sites need visitors to thrive and powerful SEO can give you the traffic you need to keep your business moving. Many site owners neglect basic search engine optimization practices in favor of paid advertisements or marketing campaigns, not realizing that strong SEO can be a more effective and cost efficient method of getting customers into their digital doors.
Here are some simple tips for increasing your site’s search engine visibility:
Change your URLs
Solid URLs are one of the most important aspects of SEO, and one business owners often overlook during website construction. Which seems more likely to encourage better search results, or Working with a professional SEO consultant to fix your URLs can have a big impact.
Create Great Content
Your content needs to be unique if search engines are going to prioritize it. This can be difficult for ecommerce sites since there’s no real difference between a coffee machine you sell and a coffee machine on another site. Adding engaging, keyword-rich content to the product description can help make your pages stand out in a crowd, especially if everyone else is just copying and pasting the product specs.
Optimize Your Images
Search engines can’t “see” images, but they can read the information they contain. Images should be rich with SEO information, starting with the file name and alt text. High-quality images are more likely to be shared around the web (with links that point back to you). Don’t forget to test different images with each product to see which one works best for your customers.
Don’t Forget Mobile
Mobile search has already eclipsed traditional PC search in terms of raw web traffic. Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly will make it easier for your customers to use the site when they’re away from their main computers. SEO gets your customers to the site, but it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s easy for them to navigate.
With the right strategy, search engine optimization for ecommerce sites can be a powerful tool in building your business with continuous momentum. For more information about how we can help you dominate online marketing please visit or contact us at 888.523.2926.

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