Google is the leading search engine in the world. It earned that position by providing fast and accurate search results which are generated through the use of an advanced and top secret algorithm that measures every site in its index based on the relation to the terms being searched. Google’s algorithm is a constantly evolving mechanism and regularly sees enormous updates and upgrades that dramatically shift online marketing practices.
The latest update, known in SEO circles as “Hummingbird,” presents a host of tweaks and modifications that will adjust the method through which site owners should approach search engine optimization. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s a Whole New Engine

    Previous updates to Google’s algorithms have been composed of modifications to the core search engine. Hummingbird carries over many of Google’s old techniques, but is written as an entirely new engine designed to be more efficient, more accurate, and less prone to gaming by those using blackhat or illicit means of gaining ranks.

  • Conversational Search

    Google claims that one of the biggest changes enabled by Hummingbird is that it allows for more conversational search queries. Instead of the traditional “pizza Austin Texas” search strings users may have grown used to, the engine can now better handle searches like, “Where can I order pizza in Austin?” Hummingbird works to find the meaning behind words rather than just matching the words themselves.

  • SEO Best Practices

    The core components of search engine optimization are still present with Hummingbird. Sites with high quality, original, and relevant content will do better than those without. A search engine optimization specialist can help you and your business to determine the best path for success; the days of spamming keywords in a blog post are long gone and are not returning.

Hummingbird is an enormous under-the-hood change that dramatically affects your online marketing. If you have questions about how you can ensure your website is positioned well with the new search algorithms please visit www.ladsolutions.com for more information and to receive a free analysis.