Pinterest may look like just another photo-sharing website to those who aren’t familiar with it, but businesses should be careful not to dismiss it. A recent study by an SEO marketing firm found that 70 percent of users of Pinterest use it to find inspiration on what to buy. Another study showed that when users have an option to click on the “Pin-It” button versus Twitter’s “Tweet It” button, they were ten times more likely to pin it than tweet it.

Sales with Pinterest

Pinterest is not a new platform, but it seems that many businesses are just now getting on board. It’s wise for them to do so, considering the 43 percent of Pinterest users who say they interact with their favorite retailers or brands on Pinterest, which is virtually twice as many as the 24 percent of Facebook users who do the same. A full 69 percent of Pinterest users have said that they have purchased an item they’ve found on Pinterest, compared to only 40 percent of Facebook users.

The Key to Driving Traffic – Visual Content is Shareable

Pinterest is an essential part of online marketing because it can be easily shared. SEO experts will tell you that photos and visual content is much more shareable than text, as evidenced by the fact that when Facebook unveiled their “timeline” for brands, visual content had a 65 percent increase in engagement on the site. LAD Solutions has had much success utilizing Pinterest to increase clientele.

What’s Different about Pinterest?

Of course one of the reasons companies should be on board with Pinterest is because there is such high traffic surrounding this form of social media. However, SEO experts agree that while it’s important for customers to become familiar with a brand, that’s not quite enough. The thing that’s really unique about Pinterest is that no matter how many times an item is re-pinned, it still leads back to the original poster.
Why is this important? Any marketing specialist will tell you that getting your brand out there is only half the battle. One essential element to driving sales is to create a feeling of urgency. This means that if a user sees a photo or infograph of something they’re interested in, it should relay the message of need; convert into sales.
When pinned items on Pinterest link back to the original pin, which provides a price, ordering information, and information on any running sales, a user is much more likely to buy, as opposed to simply reading about the product and then be directed to another page where you have to search for the item and go through the process. Put simply: Pinterest makes the process of product selection to purchase a one, two step – super convenient- which makes it an excellent tool for social media optimization! For more information about our services or to request a complimentary analysis please visit

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