In the old Wild West days of web design and development, simply having a website was enough for most business owners. As the world shifted to a more online-centric way of doing business, ensuring that your website was informative, attractive, and functional became a higher priority. No one wants to have a business website that looks like it’s been on the web for over a decade and customers don’t trust sites that appear outdated or old.
There’s a new trend in web design that all business owners must make an effort to understand, or at least appreciate. Responsive websites are the new standard in web design and development. If you do not have a responsive website, you’re missing out on customers, potential sales, referrals, and all sorts of other critical revenue boosters.
Here’s a quick explanation:
What is a Responsive Site?
Responsive sites are websites designed to automatically re-arrange themselves based on the device a customer is using to visit the site. In other words, your site looks one way on PC, one way on a tablet, and one way on a phone, but it’s the same site overall. Different pieces move around to accommodate the different screen sizes available. This all happens automatically; the user only sees the end result.
Why Does it Matter?
More than 50% of local searches come from mobile phones. By the end of 2014, mobile search is expected to overtake searches executed from a PC or laptop. If you don’t have a responsive site that’s easy for mobile users to navigate, more than half of your site visitors may be having a bad experience trying to interact with your brand. In fact, 40% of mobile searchers admit that they abandon websites without mobile-friendly interfaces. Responsive design ensures all of your visitors have a positive experience.
When you’re remodeling your site or building a new one from scratch, responsiveness should be a core focus. The primary goal should be ensuring that all of your customers are able to easily check your site and interact with your business regardless of the device they’re using. High-quality professional web design and development services (such as those offered by LAD Solutions) will ensure that your site is responsive and easy to navigate from any internet-enabled device.
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