Ever since Google surged to the top of the search engine world, business owners have been working hard to ensure their websites have high prominence in Google’s results. As site owners discover the secrets to achieving a good ranking, Google continuously adjusts its search algorithms to ensure the system can’t be gamed. Each new Google search algorithm update presents a challenge to business owners hoping to keep their sites in clear view of potential customers by breaking things that used to work and adding new paths to success.
LAD Solutions offers a host of professional SEO services designed to vault your business to the top of Google’s rankings without unfairly manipulating the system or using under-the-table “blackhat” techniques. Our SEO services are built around the curation of compelling content for your site visitors and the encouragement of natural, viable search results. This means your rank goes up and stays up.
Google’s latest update, titled Panda 4.0, presents some interesting challenges to site owners. Here’s a quick look:
Content is Key
The core function of Google’s Panda algorithm is targeting sites with bad content and driving them lower in search results. Keyword-stuffed blogs full of repetitive, generic information are now less effective than ever — it’s only through high-quality, shareable content that Google will boost your ratings. Panda has already hit sites with scraped, copied, redundant, or keyword-stuffed content.
Google Wants Good Sites
The motivation behind Panda’s design is delivering searchers to sites with the information they want and minimizing the ability of shady business owners to manipulate results. High-end professional SEO services like those offered by LAD Solutions center on the creation of useful, interesting content that speaks to readers as well as Google’s new algorithm. If your site is informative and useful, it will rise.
At LAD Solutions, our specialty is helping you transform your site into a valuable, interesting information hub for your customers and clients. This transformation yields two benefits: It makes your site more compelling to visitors, and it ensures Google’s latest algorithms view your site as a valuable resource rather than a keyword-stuffing spamster. There’s no one-stop solution for SEO success, but a content-centered plan is always the best approach. For more information about SEO or for a complimentary marketing analysis please visit or contact us at 888.523.2926.

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