There is one key rule when it comes to search engine optimization and online marketing: everything is constantly evolving. Google- in an effort to stop businesses and individuals from priming its search algorithms- is in a constant state of evolution trying to deliver the best, most relevant content to those who search the web. Bing, Yahoo, and every other search provider does the same.

Because the rules are always in flux, there is no one solution that will ensure your search engine success. Methods that work today might not work tomorrow. In fact, some methods that worked in the early days of Google would now be considered exploitation of the system. This is one of many reasons that it’s important to work with a search engine optimization specialist when planning your marketing campaign — running afoul of new rules could cause major problems down the line.

However, one function of search engine optimization remains integral to ensuring success in the online sphere: keyword research. It’s impossible to build a marketing campaign without accurate, timely, and useful information, and keyword research is the method through which most of this information is acquired. Since Google has modified its algorithms and made keyword data invisible to website owners, deeper research on applicable keywords is now much more of a necessity.

Understanding Keywords

Keywords are what bring potential customers to your site. But not all keywords are created equal. For example, a web user searching for “coffee maker” might just be doing research on coffee makers, not looking to make a purchase. But a web user searching for a specific brand and model of coffee maker with certain features, such as “Keurig K10 24-cup,” is likely ready to buy and is searching for the right business. Naturally, you will have more success in terms of conversions with the second search as opposed to the first.

At LAD Solutions, we know that targeted keywords are the cornerstone of any online marketing campaign. Our search engine optimization specialists know how to find keywords that not only send traffic to your site, but give you conversions as well. We engage in a full keyword analysis to ensure that the traffic generated has great potential.

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