Link Building

One of the most important elements of establishing solid search engine rankings is ensuring that your website has incoming links from other sites. Google and other search engines use your site’s incoming links, also known as “backlinks,” as an indicator of how valuable and useful your information is – sites with many relevant high quality backlinks are seen as more credible and authoritative.

In the old days of search engine optimization, there were ways to game the system using thousands of low-quality backlinks. Simply spamming your website on hundreds of websites was enough to see a nice boost in search engine rank. However, Google, Bing, and Yahoo have all developed systems that punish websites for spammy backlinking. Incoming links are still as valuable as they’ve ever been, but are much harder to build because they must avoid certain pitfalls that could do more harm than good.

Factors to keep in mind to properly create backlinks:

Stay Relevant

Search engines are big on relevancy. While the old search algorithms couldn’t tell the difference between “plane” as in a jet and “plane” as in the tool, modern algorithms use context clues to figure out what web users are actually looking for. Keeping your links relevant to the content for which your users are searching will keep you on Google’s good side.

Avoid Link Schemes

Participating in link schemes is a good way to get penalized by Google. Buying links, spamming blogs, using automated systems, dumping articles, and buying ads all count as link scheming. However, working with a qualified SEO company like LAD Solutions will ensure you the highest quality of work and with the implementation of high quality backlinks to not only grow your profile on the internet but for your business to get the right traction, attention and traffic on a consistent basis.

Focus on Quality

Quality should always come before quantity. A few good backlinks from established, respectable sites go much farther than thousands of low-quality, spammy links. The best way to earn high-quality links, of course, is to provide high-quality and engaging content on your site.

Overall, link-building is a complex job that’s constantly in flux thanks to search engine algorithms that change frequently. SEO specialist firms like LAD Solutions can help you navigate the pitfalls of link building and give you the valuable incoming links your site needs.

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