The Value Of Infographics

Infographics are one of the most popular and easily shareable bits of content on the web. For the uninitiated, infographics are elegant, attractive charts that use images to convey the importance of data. Using an infographic, you can show significant information without having to wade through a spreadsheet with overwhelming material. Good infographics make data dynamic and engaging instead of dense and boring.

What’s most valuable about an infographic, however, is how it moves across the web. Because the majority of infographics are static images, they are easily shared from one user to another. And content that is easily shared results in big gains for your website’s search engine rank. Any search engine optimization specialist will tell you of the importance of incoming links to your site; one viral infographic can create hundreds or thousands of these valuable links.

So what makes a good infographic?

  • Infographics should convey one main point / message.
  • Infographics should educate or spur people into action.
  • Good infographics are visibly appealing, but graphics do not interfere with the data.
  • Too much data can be overwhelming. Provide data in small, easy bits.
  • Don’t get carried away with the fonts and art – readability is the first priority.
  • Is there a download link? An embed code? Make it easy to share your content.

One well-crafted infographic can do wonders for your search engine optimization. In the hands of a talented search engine optimization specialist, a solid infographic can result in a great increase in your rankings, not to mention the name recognition that comes with potential customers seeing something from your site on dozens of other pages. Infographics are shareable, unique, and engaging content that web users love to pin, share and post.

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