jan14-1 Are you a growing business that is trying to gain more customers online? If so, you have likely heard about SEO and understand how it can help grow your business. One thing that you likely have not heard about is long tail keywords and how they can drastically increase traffic to your site.
What are Long Tail Keywords?
Long tail keywords allow companies to rank higher in search engines for a variety of words that may be less competitive than short phrases such as “plumbing contractor”. A long tail phrase for a plumber may be something like, “how to fix a leak” or “how much does it cost to replace a water heater”. By using several of these phrases on a plumbing company’s web site, the company could begin to rank for a variety of phrases that could easily translate into customers.
Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

  • Less Competition – It can be extremely difficult to rank for short keyword phrases such as “plumbing contractor”. Using a variety of relevant long tail keywords, you can grow traffic more organically and not have to rely on more expensive advertising such as PPC campaigns.
  • More Natural – Long tail keywords sound much more natural in written copy. Also, if you are writing high quality content about a certain topic you will begin to introduce long tail keywords without even knowing it. This allows you to begin to rank for keywords much more organically.
  • Not Affected by Algorithm Changes – By using long tail keywords and quality content, you do not have to worry about algorithm changes as much as if you were stuffing keywords.

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