If you have been following any of the recent news about SEO, you have likely heard about how important content marketing will be in 2014.  Google has vowed to penalize sites that post content that is not high quality, and therefore it is increasingly important for companies to have a cohesive strategy to produce consistent content.  Here are a few tips to help you create high quality content for your web site.

Longer Posts

Google is encouraging content writers to write longer and more in-depth posts to really provide a wealth of information for web site visitors.  When creating content, use graphs and images whenever possible to engage the reader and to break up text.  Be sure to mix different headings sizes and highlight important points within the content.

Forget about Keywords

Keywords are slowly becoming less of an issue when it comes to SEO.  Rather than focusing on keywords, focus on your target audience.  Think about if you were writing content for a local newspaper, would your readers enjoy reading your content?  If not, then you should work on catering your writing to your target audience.

Share Across All Social Media Networks

Social sharing is becoming more important than ever.  A simple blog with quality content is not enough to really see traction with your SEO efforts.  Develop a strong social media strategy to ensure that all of your content is actually being seen by your target market.
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