Link building definitely gets Google’s attention and is a very effective way to drive traffic to your site, but it isn’t the only way and in fact, not even the most important way. You can drive traffic to your site without link building. Even if you do build links, there are a few things you still need to put into practice in order to keep the traffic going to your site. The tips below will not only help drive traffic, but ensure that the traffic will continue to grow to your site with time.

  1. Quality Content: This has always been the best way to gain and keep traffic, but now there are numbers to prove it. While 6% of search returns are quality content, those who upgrade their content from keyword stuffing to in-depth articles see a 10% increase in traffic overall.
  2. Site Configuration: If you aren’t configured for mobile viewing and Smartphones in particular, you are losing out on a lot of traffic. On top of mobile configuration, loading time in general is very important. The Internet audience simply isn’t willing to wait for delayed load times, no matter how in-depth your content.
  3. Audience: From your G+ image to the content you offer, target your audience. Your content as well as your images count. And don’t forget the International audience or the fact that what you post on G+ can be seen in Google search while Facebook and Twitter posts cannot be.
  4. Snippets: Videos still get the best responses and do show up in Google search results page. Adding events and songs along with other small snippets of information will generate a large organic audience with a small bounce rate.

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