LinkedIn is a powerful business tool, provided you use it correctly. Rather than using this as a social site, consider it your go-to site for developing business connections. Using a fairly simple process you can develop quality connections that can lead to prime business opportunities.

  1. Create a professional profile: Using a high contrast professional image, create a profile that presents you as a professional in your field, making sure to complete every element of your profile. In order to become more familiar with LinkedIn, join a couple of groups relevant to your business or position and keep track of interactions, active responders, and posts that get the most responses.
  1. Seek Out Leaders: You want to connect with leaders in your industry. When you do make connections, be sure to send a professional request rather than a flippant generic one. Join groups where these leaders are involved and be responsive in those groups.
  1. Using what you have learned through tracking posts and responses, create your own posts and share them with your groups. Rather than pasting a link on your thread, share straight from your site or blog. Use the “share with groups” option that appears in the window, which opens when using the widget on your site or blog. This not only drives traffic to your site, but if you create engaging posts, it will also lead to more engagements with industry leaders in your groups.

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional network, not a social platform from which to share your personal posts. Keep your attitude and information professional so that as you track responses and compare them to the activity on your own site or blog, you will note an increase in organic traffic along with the increase in activity on LinkedIn. Used properly, LinkedIn can draw customers and clients to you rather than you searching for them.
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