jan14-4 When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s easy to get focused on your site’s ranking for one or two core keywords. Naturally, having a number one ranking for a widely searched, national keyword can result in powerful exposure for your business along with an increase in sales. However, it’s important to note that global and national search results may not yield the improvement in revenue you’re seeking, especially if your business provides on-location services.
Local SEO specialists know that 100 visits from the keyword “Boston hair salon” are more valuable than 1,000,000 searches from the keyword “hair salon,” simply because local searchers are actively seeking a business in their area. People searching local have made the first step for the service or product that they are in need of via the search, thus are ready to take action and chances are that you will be among the go to business of choice due to your first page presence.
When combined with Google Maps optimization, local search optimization can be a powerful ally to your business. A large number of local searches now come from smartphones and other mobile devices, and these users have been proven to be more likely to visit a business and make a purchase than any other searcher on the web. If you run a local business, having that business be the first local result on Google Maps can result in a dramatic spike in customers.
Consider this: 94% of smartphone owners search for local information via their phone. Roughly 73% of mobile searches result in follow-up action — calling a business, visiting its website, or walking into the physical location. Hence, it is a better business move to be ranked #1 locally than ranked #1 nationally when you are a local business and rest assured that local optimization expands as much as possible which is doubly beneficial for businesses with multiple locations.
Local SEO specialists can help you harness the power of local search. For more information or to request a complimentary marketing analysis please visit www.ladsolutions.com or contact us at 888.523.2926.

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