Instagram can be a powerful tool for keeping your customers engaged and interested in your business, but only when utilized effectively. An Instagram with no followers isn’t very helpful, nor is one that strays too far away from your business’s message. With that in mind, LAD Solutions’ team of social media experts has compiled some simple tips for growing your Instagram into an effective tool:
Don’t Over-Post
It’s tempting to post tons of images to Instagram, but you’ll always have better results if you keep it limited to the very best photos you can find. Instead of posting every photo you take, carefully cultivate a collection of high-quality images people will want to see.
Use Hashtags
Hashtags are vital for building an audience. If you run a yoga studio, for example, using the “#yoga” or “#namaste” hashtags can help spread your images to a wider audience. Find hashtags relative to your business and deploy them liberally to find new viewers. Some commonly used hashtags for better engagement and audience building are: #likes #likesforlikes #follow #followme #followforfollow.
Follow Other People
Instagram isn’t a one-way conversation. Follow your customers and like their posts to encourage more engagement. Follow other businesses and work hard to build a strong network of Instagram users so you can expand the reach of your images. The more you follow and engage the bigger things will get. Social media experts agree that greater engagement leads to more followers.
Check Out Your Competitors
Instagram has been around long enough that many competing businesses will have already jumped aboard. Take a look at their accounts to see how they’re approaching the service and borrow the best ideas. There’s plenty of room on Instagram for everyone to succeed!
Find a Voice
Don’t just post about your business. Think of your Instagram as the voice of your ideal customer and make posts to match. People should be encouraged and inspired by your posts, not feel as though they’re being marketed to.
Mastering Instagram can be a tough task and that is why social media experts at LAD Solutions are here to help! For more information about how we can help your business expand and increase exposure through social media please contact us at (888) 523.2926 or visit

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