Online Reputation ManagementEvery business needs to portray a strong brand image to their target audience, to not only retain customers, but to attract more as well. That is where online reputation management plays a major role, because in this increasingly connected world it matters a lot. The reputation a business has on the internet could either make or break its standing in the marketplace.
Any business that has negative reviews given by customers, and has garnered a reputation for being rude or not solving their client’s problems will find itself in deep trouble. No customer wants to be associated with a business that has a negative image online, which is why businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on online reputation management.
If you’re a business that is worried about its reputation online, here are some of the best, most effective strategies you can employ for emphatic online reputation management:

    1. Encouraging customers to post positive reviews

      A business that has happy customers will have no problems getting a lot of positive reviews on their website and even on social media and other forums. However, you can give your approval ratings and online reputation a boost by nudging your customers and asking them politely to share their positive experiences with the brand, the products and services.

    2. Focusing on search results

      Most businesses forget about this simple aspect of online reputation management, which has a big impact on their overall portrayal online. Your main aim as a business should be to get the best possible search results, and that means keeping tabs of what your customers are searching. Is your brand name coming up in search with negative reviews? You should check how your business is being viewed on the internet, and whether it is being associated with controversies or bad businesses. There are search engine optimization strategies that can help push up positive search results about your business on to the first page of Google.

    3. Never be defensive

      One of the most common mistakes you can make as a business on the internet is trying to cover up your mistakes and pinning the blame on the customer. You should realize that when you engage with others as a business online, you are representing your values. No customer wants to be mistreated on the internet, and if you’re being too defensive, and trying to steer all blame away from your organization you could be portraying a negative image of your brand.

    4. Sharing valuable information

      One of the best ways to create a winning reputation online is by adding value into the lives of your customers. You can do that easily by sharing valuable information about your products or services, which will genuinely help your customers. This can be done in various ways, through articles, blogs, or videos to get the right attention over the internet.

    5. Free gifts and contests

      A business that is constantly engaging with their customers is one that is invested in enriching their lives, and that will boost their reputation. Holding frequent contests and giving out free gifts and coupons is one of the best ways to win over, and most importantly retain customers.

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